The mangrove is itself just such a place where the earth seems unearthly. It is here that human traces cannot survive as a lasting form, for this tropical coastal ecology is a site of continual refiguration: neither sea nor land, neither river nor sea, bearing neither salty nor fresh water, in neither daylight nor darkness.” (Natasha Ginwala and Vivian Ziherl, 2013)

Mngrv adds a new plant species to the botanical sciences. The Mngrv emerged in South and South East Asia, where mangroves’ rhizomatic roots, always exposed to the rhythm of the tides, get entangled with fishnets, plastic waste, and oil remnants. Mngrv explores how in times of climate change and environmental pollution the borders between nature and culture, plant and plastic, increasingly blur.


print, publication, exhibition

Polymersday, Nylonsnoon

"Polymersday" & "Nylonsnoon", edition of 100 each, self-published, designed by Dongyoung Lee, with text excerpts by Natasha Ginwala and Vivian Ziherl, and Bernadette Bensaude Vincent, 2020