Presented on the evening of the opening of the exhibition Anabasis, Rituals of Homecoming, in the cellars of the Museum of Art Book in Łódź, amongst the old printing machines, Susanne Kriemann’s (book-making) performance was a concerto on a voice (performed or rather conducted by philosopher, Dieter Roelstraete who in his performative reading reflected upon the issues of reproducibility, ideas of migration and „homing devices”, transcribing notions of changing „place”, „locus”, „home” in relation to the technology of printing, reproduction, circulation of ideas in books and printed matter) and a labor (a simultaneous act of printing pages for a new one book and just ‘One Book’ (2009) on an old movable press which allowed the artist to print the word one on the book’s one hundred pages, then recycle each page to add the letters H-O-M-E, one per each twenty-five pages).

(Adam Budak)

In 2015, One Book was on view at homecomings: PROJECTIVE SPACE, Berlin. In early June this year a visit to the Animal Sound Archive of Berlin’s Museum für Naturkunde provided the setting for a sound salon recontextualizing Susanne Kriemann’s One Book (2009/2015) through an intervention by invited collaborator Cia Rinne and the re-reading of Dieter Roelstraete’s text “FLIGHT: A SINGLE SCATTERING OF THOUGHTS” alongside the playback of recorded bird calls and songs. With participants such as Dr. Karl Frommolt, head of the animal sound archive, Prof. Dr. Holger Schulze, professor in musicology at the University of Copenhagen as well as Rinne, a Finland-Swedish-born artist and poet based in Berlin, the salon projected and reflected on the reverberations found within sound and serial, cyclical readings of works in production.

As an outcome of this salon, Susanne Kriemann’s first audio book is available on
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Exhibition views 'Homecomings' Kurfürstenstrasse, Berlin

salon & audiobook

Attuning One Book, reading in Animal Sound Archive, Museum of Natural History, Berlin


Printing One Book, Museum of Book Art, Lodz, PL