In Het Licht (2011-2012), Susanne Kriemann deals with the disappearance of a specific site: the Art Deco building ‘Het Licht’ (The Light), a former newspaper printing workshop in Ghent. Photographing the building in a state of abandoned decay a month before its demolition, Kriemann allows her subject’s physical dissolution to reverberate through an ‘aesthetics of ephemerality’, capturing ‘The Light’ through the light of past moments.




'Het Licht', 2014, 14 pages, edition 25 000
co-published by ROMA publications Amsterdam and TRACK, SMAK, Ghent, BE


'Het Licht', 2013
9 tables, 9 lights, ca 60 C-prints in variable sizes
exhibition view KASK, Ghent, BE


'Het Licht', 2013
silkscreen (in collaboration with Zwölf, Berlin)
assembly of text based research for 'Het Licht'
80 x 120 cm, edition 40