The photographic work ‘Gestein I – V’ (2011) are part of Kriemann’s ongoing interest in blurring the boundaries between abstract and representational imagery – the quarry’s haggard rock faces resembles the stacks of dusty books Kriemann so often encounters in her various archival explorations (the book itself could be singled out as one of Kriemann’s favorite media), but observed at closer rage they also invoke memories of American abstract painting. The truly haunting presence, however, is that Albert Renger-Patzsch (German, 1897 – 1966), the celebrated master of New Objective photography, who in 1966, the year of his death, photographed this very same quarry (the images were collected in the book ‘Gestein’). Kriemann’s images of layers of encrusted time enact the archaeological impulse at the heart of her working method, while simultaneously paying homage to the rigorous, quasi-scientific aesthetic of one of photography’s enduring icons.
 (Dieter Roelstraete)




Exhibition view Susanne Kriemann 'Modelling Construction School'
Arnolfini, Bristol, 2013


'A Silent Crazy Jungle Under Glass (Gestein)'
17 pages, A 5 oversized, edition 100, 2011
co-published by Künstlerhaus Schloß Balmoral