The work entitled 277569 (2011-2012) consists of aerial photographs taken by Kriemann in 2012 while flying over the south of Berlin in a helicopter. The title reflects the number of airlift flights undertaken during the blockade of Berlin in 1948/49. Barely revealing any details, the 6 x 6 slides show tiny segments of an endless expanse of forest, with the paths that cut through it lending the motif the appearance of an abstract composition due to the lack of sharply defined points of focus. Preceding the photographs is a drawing based on the path of a reconnaissance flight that took place in 1947, also to the south of Berlin. Indicated are the points where photographs were taken en route; the numbers correspond to the specific photographs found in the National Archive II in Washington DC, a portion of which Kriemann was able to view. Such images belong to an immense collection of some six million photographs, an archive of aerial photographs taken during flights over the official air corridor between West Berlin and West Germany during the Cold War.




'277569', 2012
80 slides, projector, timer
Exhibition view Susanne Kriemann, 'Cold Time', Kunstverein Braunschweig


Brochure, A5 oversized, 10 pages
Published by nbgk, 2014
Documentation of research for '277569'